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Armadillo RV Park

801 Live Oak

San Saba, TX 76877


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Armadillo RV Park

801 Live Oak

San Saba, TX 76877


Armadillo RV Park

Armadillo Laundry

Armadillo Laundry is located at 206 E Commerce St San Saba, TX just a few blocks from Armadillo RV Park.

Armadillo Laundry has:

Armadillo Car Wash

Armadillo Car Wash at 906 N High St San Saba TX is just around the block from Armadillo RV Park.

The car wash is equipped with:

The hand wash bays are relatively wide and with a high clearance.

What To See

Armadillo RV Park is part of San Saba, Texas -  a town of many facets.  It is a town with one foot in the past as not to forget where it came from and one foot firmly planted in the present so it is sure to be part of the future.

Check out some of the area’s features.

San Saba County Museum

Where to Eat


Armadillo  RV Park in San Saba, TX is a locally own and operated RV Park providing excellent service to our Park guest.

We have reasonable rates for our RV spaces. Our rates vary by season so give us a call to get our current rates.

Rates are available for daily, weekly or monthly stays.

Each space comes with:

Check out our Registration form and Park Rules

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